We believe that e-commerce and online payments is part of our future

Nordea Connect is an evolution of the services we have been offering our customers for many years

We’ve been powering close to a million businesses of all sizes, in almost every industry, spread over the Nordics for many years. As the needs of our customers have evolved, we have evolved with it. Nordea Connect was launched out of the need of helping our customers with their online payments and e-commerce needs. We’ve been helping customers with everything from venturing into new markets, to FX needs for as long as we have been around. Through Nordea Connect, we’re extending the services we’ve been offering one step further, by continuing to help our customers grow and evolve their business.

Nordea has been a trusted strategic partner for our customers for many years, and as our customers’ business evolve into venturing online, we are evolving with them.

Increase conversion through trust

Being one of the strongest brands in the Nordics has its perks - our well-known and trusted brand will help you sell more. One of the most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment is lack of trust in the checkout process - with Nordea, you can rest easy knowing that we’re known for our rigorous safety standards.

We’ll help you grow

We can help you grow and expand your business and provide you with the necessary advise along the way. Our payment experts are working round-the-clock to help transform how modern businesses are run. Need help with payment flows? Expanding to new markets and need help with FX? We’ve got your back.

Be part of designing the future of payments

As the largest Nordic bank, we are heavily involved in developing the payment methods of tomorrow. Your feedback can help shape the future of the Nordic payment methods. You can rely on us to partner up with the wider payments industry to bring you value, ranging from fintechs to major card networks and local schemes operators like Swish, Siirto, Vipps and MobilePay.

Security, Safety and Compliance is part of our DNA

We take safety, security and compliance very seriously. We’ve made a rigorous commitment to going above and beyond our legal obligations. As a merchant, you can rest easy knowing that Nordea Connect is and will always be fully compliant and secure for both you and your customers. We worry about compliance, new regulations and safety so that you can focus on growing your business. Whether it’s about PCI DSS compliance or PSD2, we’ve got your back.

Your customer and data is yours, and yours alone

We have a different relationship to data and privacy than most other players in this field. As a bank, we make a large commitment to data and will be the guardian of your transaction data and customer data. But in the end, that data is yours. With Nordea Connect, you choose how your consumer data is handled and what interface your customer is met by.

Simplified financial services, rooted in our heritage as a financial player

As the largest bank in the Nordics, we are continuously developing our services to give our customers the tools, solutions and technology to build better and sell more. Whether it’s about helping you optimise your cashflow or provide you with lending to grow your business, we’re able to help you with all of your financial matters. Our expertise in this field, combined with a passion for digital and e-commerce lets us support you to maximise your business potential.

Constantly improving - bringing the best from finance and tech

We’re constantly making improvements to Nordea Connect by adding new features that help you improve your business. At the same time, as the largest bank in the Nordics and an integral part of Nordic payment infrastructure, we update the service as the Nordic payment landscape changes.

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